December 3, 1992 marks the day the first ever text message was sent. It was sent from a pc to a mobile phone, and simply read “Merry Christmas”. What started out as a small tool is now one of the most used technology worldwide.

Nowadays, every smartphone is text message “friendly”, giving everyone the ability to send a text at any time. Smartphones with a SIM card allow the holder to text without wifi—everywhere.

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Text messages come in handy when in emergencies, or when you need to quickly communicate with someone, without having to call them. To call someone, you need to make sure the time is convenient for the other person. Texts, on the other hand, can be sent whenever since they don’t require an immediate reply.

I prefer texting to calling, for the mentioned reasons, but in the end, I would rather talk to someone face-to-face. You can get thoughts, emotions, and expressions across easier, without having to use emoticons, when talking face- to- face.

Personally, I think text messages should be used to make communicating more convenient, but not as an alternative for in-person communication. Although I text my friends, I still see and communicate with them everyday.

Text messages also have disadvantages. First of all, messages can be misunderstood to mean something else, since most of the time the correct ‘tone’ can be hard to detect, unless emoticons are used. Second, students who get used to texting in abbreviations and rely on auto-correct may struggle with grammar and spelling in school as well. There’s nothing wrong with texting in abbreviations when you’re in a hurry— just make sure that you actually know how to formulate sentences when in need.

Another issue with all types of texts or online communication is cyberbullying. It’s much easier to send hateful things to other people when you aren’t there to see their reactions. It’s also easy to hide your real identity behind a screen and get away with cyberbullying.

“Don’t text and drive” is a  common lesson taught these days— one that you would’ve never heard 15 years ago. Many car accidents occur because of distracted drivers, and most of the time the driver is distracted by their phone. Just ask yourself: is a text message worth risking your life for? If it isn’t, then focus on your driving, and if you really need to send a text, park somewhere and send it. Don’t do it while you’re driving—you’re risking other people’s lives, too.



~Technology and Me~

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Like many others, I’ve always been very dependent on technology. I clearly remember spending a lot of time using electronics as a child. Although, back then I would mostly use it either to play online games, or to draw using the built in paint program.

Growing up, I found it more entertaining and satisfying to actually use utensils and physically draw on paper, so my use of technology decreased. The only reason I used a laptop or other devices was for educational purposes, like research and work.

Now though, I depend greatly on my phone and laptop to get me through the day. I mainly use my laptop to watch anime or do my homework, while my phone is used for everything else. I’m not one to text or call a lot however, in case that’s what you think I use my phone for.

If I was to break down what I use my phone for, it’d probably be something like: 10% music, 30% social media, 50% reading, and 10% non-internet uses. I really enjoy reading; it transports me into this beautiful imaginary world and takes my mind off everything worrying me. I find it much more convenient to read online rather than having to request a book, wait for it to arrive, then going to a library to pick it up. And you only have it temporarily, while online books you can reread anytime.

Anyway, I consider myself pretty good with technology- er most technology. This is my first time taking a proper technology class, and I’m quite excited for it. I may know enough, but I’m sure there’s a lot more that I don’t know about. Like when we started learning about Creative Commons the other day; it was my first time hearing about such a thing, which made me realize that this technology class will be useful.

The technology currently available is quite something. It’s amazing really, that we can search up basically anything we want and instantaneously get an answer for free. Same goes for communicating; with all these social media sites, it is very easy to connect with others worldwide, and to share your opinion with the rest of the online community. It’s hard to imagine school a few decades ago: you’d have to spend hours reading through books and newspapers just to get simple information for a school paper.

In this day and age, I doubt anyone would be able to survive a day without any form of technology; we have become so dependent on it that we may not even realize it. Also, technology is advancing rapidly, so a decade from now, the devices we currently have, including the latest iPhone, will all seem old fashioned and outdated.

Photo Credit: Diiesmiley Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Diiesmiley Flickr via Compfight cc