Athena: the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Crafts

From all the Greek gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, Athena happens to be my favorite.

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She is often described as slim, tall, and beautiful with green eyes and brownish hair. She is always pictured either wearing full armor, or just a helmet.

Characteristics and Attributes:

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts. As a goddess of war, she relied on strategy and morality during the war, rather than bloodshed. She helped many heroes who fought in wars with her protection and advice. As a goddess of wisdom, she stressed diplomacy, justice, education, arts, and crafts. Because she was wise, many gods turned to her when they had issues among them, and she helped solve and end conflicts between them. She was also an expert in art, like weaving and spinning.

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Every Greek God or Goddess has at least one object that they are always connected with- a symbol. In Athena’s case, her main two symbols are the owl and the olive tree. The owl represents her wisdom, which she was known for, while the olive tree, which was actually one of her creations and very sacred to her, represented peace. Other symbols that are sometimes connected back to Athena are the aegis- her shield- which represents her protective power, and her armor, which represents wisdom and strategy.


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Like everyone else, Athena had her strengths and weaknesses- although her strengths outweigh the weaknesses. Her main strength is that she was rational and intelligent, and always thought everything through and made wise decisions. Another strength of hers is that she is a powerful defender but at the same time a potent peacemaker who hated war and only fought when it was necessary. Her main weakness- she was too ruled by intellect and lacked compassion, therefore being out of touch with emotions.

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Interesting Myth:

A myth I found that intrigued me, and had to do with Athena, was the story about the fight over Athens. As some of you may know, Athens, the capital of Greece, was named after Athena. Both her and Poseidon, the God of the Sea, competed to be the patron god of Athens. To win over the Athenians, both presented them with gifts. Poseidon, being the God of the Sea, struck his trident on the ground and created a spring of water, which represented the great naval power he would bring to Athens. Athena, on the other hand, being the peaceful one, created an olive tree, which represented peace and unity. Eventually, the Athenians chose Athena as their patron goddess and named the city after her.

Who’s your favorite Greek god or goddess? Have you heard any interesting myths you’d like to share?