Week 8: Commenting Game

For this week’s blogging challenge, I visited three other blogs and commented on a post that I found interesting.

First, I went to Thunami’s blog. She wrote about her favorite place to visit, which happens to be ‘Horton’s Plains’ in Sri Lanka. She gave a detailed description of the scenery, making it easy to imagine what it would be like to be there. I, for one, love to travel since I get to see new places, and therefore be exposed to new cultures, languages, and people. Although reading about someone’s experience is not the same as experiencing it yourself, I still found her post captivating. It was really interesting to hear about a new place in a new country that I’ve never been to or really heard much about. She also talked about a place in Horton’s Plains, the World’s End, and just reading about it made me wish I can go there. Heights are somewhat scary, but, at the same time, thrilling (to me at least) and so it just made the post appeal to me even more.

“Horton’s Plains sounds like a really cool place. I would really like to visit ‘World’s End’. I have to say, when I searched up pictures of it, I was surprised by what I saw. The view was breathtaking, especially since it’s so high up. You must be really brave if you were able to visit World’s End!”

Next, I went to Chelsea’s blog and commented on her book review of ‘Gathering Blue’ by Lois Lowry. I spend a lot of time in my daily life reading, even if I have a billion things to do and no time. So naturally, a book review drew me in and I left a comment to share my thoughts. I’ve never read Gathering Blue before, but I am familiar with Lois Lowry. I’ve read one of his other books, The Giver, and when I found out the book Chelsea was writing about was by Lowry, I decided to check it out. I also liked how she compared the novel with another book from the same author; it offered a new perspective.

“Hey Chelsea!
This was an insightful book review. I, for one, really enjoy reading, and this post made me want to read ‘Gathering Blue’. I’ve only read one book by Lois Lowry, ‘The Giver’, and I found it pretty interesting since it was set in a utopia. Did you read ‘The Giver’? What do you think of Lowry’s writing style?”

Lastly, I stopped at Mohamed’s blog, where he wrote about terrorism and the situation in the Middle East. This post was of importance to me for many reasons. First of all, I’m a Muslim and an Arab, so a lot of what he said applied to me. I’m also a Syrian and I appreciated how he talked about the turmoil in Syria and raised awareness. I had previously written my own post on the Arab spring and the war in Syria, so it was interesting to see someone else write on the same topic as me.

“I found this post particularly interesting since I am a Muslim Syrian living in the West. I appreciate that you’re spreading awareness about the situation in the Middle East, especially in Syria. It’s sad how a government like Assad’s is willing to massacre its own people just to hold on to power. Hopefully things get better for those who are suffering in the Middle East, as well as all Muslims worldwide.”


One thought on “Week 8: Commenting Game

  1. ashleypmurray May 25, 2017 / 3:58 am

    It’s great that you were able to find some blog posts that you could learn from and relate to. I liked that you engaged in conversation with your comments by asking questions sometimes. Well done!


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